Who is “Kosovapress”?

www.kosovapress.com- is our homepage. News Agency Kosova Press is established on January 4th 1999. During the war, “Kosova Press”, has published information’s in these languages: Albanian, English, German and French. The agency is now an independent and free media source in Kosovo.

Independent News Agency currently is editing news in Albanian and English Languages. Our news are fast, accurate and unbiased.

Along the provisional stage under the international protectorate, and due to the current political status of Kosovo, the Agency transformed into Indepedent News Agency, attempting to be each day more professional. News Agency “Kosova Press”, today, enjoys the status of independent and free media house. “Kosova Press” has mutual cooperation relations with many news agencies from the region and widespread network of correspondents. Kosovapress is member of SEEMO, and same time member and one of the establishers of the Association of the Private News Agencies (APNA).

Terms for use of news from “Kosova Press” will be clarified in the contract, which would finalize our offer and your interest.

Our services:

New site, contrary to the old one, offers You more possibilities to get informed due to Your needs and feedbacks of the latest events in Kosovo, region and world. You will have chance to read the breaking news in the left bar on the link LATEST NEWS.

The 20 latest top news will be available for You in the home, through so-called track of titles, were clients will have chance to read the article in the moment of clicking. In addition, Kosova Press starting now will edit news in different sectors, where You will have the chance to course due to Your needs and wishes. These new sectors are: economy, sport, theatre, culture, art and the photo service.

Articles will include latest from Kosovo, breaking themes about events in and about Kosovo, interviews, news from culture, different diplomatic activities in and about Kosovo…etc. This means that we’ll cover every story that matters Kosovo. region, Europe and world. Photos with illustration in both languages will be also available (for the moment), if the article is followed by a photo.

Photo Service – Photo gallery gives You more chance to view photo’s from everyday life and major events in the country, and limited number of photos from the archive. It includes photos from major events in Kosovo, region and world. Photo dimensions will be 640xpixel. Usage of news and photos from

Kosovo Press can be made only if you are subscribed.
All Services will be available 6 days in week.
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