EU: One should not speculate about Borrell's report on the measures against Kosovo
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1 month ago
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The European Union (EU) has announced that the deadline for the submission of the report of the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, about the measures imposed on Kosovo, and the content of this report, are inter-institutional matters of the EU, and actors outside the European bloc cannot speculate about them.

Said the spokesperson of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security, Peter Stano, answering the questions about when the delivery of the report can be expected and what its content is expected to be.

Stano: The report of the High Representative was given as a task by the council


"First of all, the report by High Representative was tasked by the council, so the member states have asked High Representative to provide them a report, so of course if the High Representative who will be sending the report and providing the report to the member states and the member states will be the first ones knowing when it's happening and what's inside, and this has not happened yet" he said.

According to EU spokesman Peter Stano, the report is about the dynamics of the EU institutions, and said that no one outside the EU should speculate about the content and timeline.

Stano: There is no space and we see no reasonning for this public speculation


"So this is something institutional between the European Union member states and the high representative. So of course we don't need anyone on the outside to try to speculate about the content and the timelines. It will be done at a time which is fine for the high representative and member states and the content will be for the Member States first to see and discuss and then take unnecessary decisions. And when this will have been happening, or when this will have happened, then we will of course announce to our counterparts in Kosovo what's the results. There is no space and we see no reasoning in this public speculations and announcements from various actors", he emphasizes.

Spokesman Stano has again called for all steps to be taken to reduce tensions in the northern part of Kosovo.

Stano: We are worried about the situation in the north


"Of course, we are concerned by the situation in the North because I mean, we have seen over the last period of time, it's months and months that we have seen steps, unilateral steps, uncoordinated steps that lead to new and new escalations. And this actually fits into the first part of your questions which we were discussing. The constant escalation was the reason why the EU imposed the measures in the first place. So of course we expect the government in Prishtina and the authorities, Kosovo authorities to take the necessary steps to deescalate but the same we are expecting also from the Serbian side. So both sides have issues here, both sides have obligations, and they have a duty on both sides to do everything they can, together with their allies and their proxies and their partners to prevent any form of another escalation", he emphasized.

Stano has mentioned that the Government of Kosovo, as well as the Serbian side, have an obligation to do everything they can to avoid any eventual escalation.

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