Abdixhiku to Kurti: Resign, set the date of the elections - LDK will celebrate
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1 month ago
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The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) has criticized the current government at the central level, that with the wrong policies it has brought Kosovo into a difficult situation and that the invitation to meetings is aimed at dividing the opposition, since according to this party the only solution is the resignation of Albin Kurti from the post of prime minister.

The comments of the LDK led by Lumir Abdixhiku come after the meeting that Prime Minister Albin Kurti had with PDK chairman Memli Krasniqi on Monday, in which the possibility of early elections was also discussed. In this meeting, the other two opposition parties, LDK and AAK, refused to participate.

The chairman of the LDK sees Kurti's invitation for a meeting more as an attempt to divide the opposition and not for new elections, as for this, according to her, Prime Minister Kurti must first offer his resignation while he considers the positive response to the PDK meeting as "turning into an instrument of VV's policy".

He said that today together they are marking not only the establishment of the LDK Branch in Ferizaj, but also the birth year of the national aspirations of the Kosovo Albanians.

He said that the Democratic League of Kosovo, during its activity as a political party, articulated the people's aspirations for freedom and independence, while calling for better conditions to be created for the youth, so that they do not leave the country.

He also criticized the Kurti Government for the difficult situation in, as he said, almost in every sector, standing as spectators, as they refused to increase salaries and investments, which is affecting the real well-being of the country's citizens.

In this manifestation, the chairman of the LDK branch in Ferizaj, Visar Azemi, gave a special speech./A.Zogaj

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