Hamza: PDK will vote on international financial agreements
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1 month ago
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The candidate for prime minister from the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) has stated that they will vote for the international financial agreements, but said that this position has nothing to do with the meeting between Prime Minister Kurti and the chairman of the PDK, Memli Krasniqi.

In a press conference, Hamza said that he has expressed this position since April 4 in a television studio, to which he added that the vote on international financial agreements is an agreement between the entire parliamentary group of this party.

Hamza said that considering that Kosovo continues to be under the measures and sanctions of the European Union, he considers the decision to vote on these agreements to be appropriate.

Bedri Hamza said that the economic situation and the standard of living of the citizens of Kosovo is difficult and that the country should go to elections.

Hamza, asked if during the Kurti-Krasniqi meeting an agreement had been reached for Hamza to be a candidate for prime minister and for a possible coalition between VV and PDK, he said that there is no question of a coalition.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Albin Kurti two days ago met the chairman of the PDK, Memli Krasniqi, with whom they also discussed the possibility of snap elections. Kurti also met Mimoza Kusari-Lila from Alternativa and Donika Gërvalla from the Guxo initiative, but the invitation to a meeting was rejected by LDK and AAK. Kurti is asking to go to the elections by dissolving the Assembly, with whom PDK also agrees, but LDK and AAK are demanding that Kurti resign first and then dissolve the Assembly.

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