Young people from the Turkish community demand a ban on fake news in the media
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1 month ago
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The students of the Natural Sciences High School "Xhavit Ahmeti", in Gjilan from the Turkish community who were part of the "Media education against disinformation for students from non-majority communities in Kosovo" project, said that misinformation and disinformation are harming the citizens of the country and that must be stopped immediately.

According to them, every media has its good and bad side, where they can learn something. However, according to them, there are cases when they come across fake and worthless news.

The 11th grade student at this school, Anila Bislimi, has emphasized that fake news is not good at all, as according to her, it is unexpected and harmful to the people. She emphasized that in 2021 there were fake news about the visa liberalization, which did not happen at that time.

"The media has a good and a bad side that we can learn something from them but we can also waste our time on things that are worthless… They are not good at all… I think that fake news is something that absolutely must be stopped because it is something that someone can do and it is unexpected for the people, and I think that it must be stopped because it is bad for people… In 2021, I saw that it was said that the liberalization of visas is being done, but there was nothing real", said Bislimi.

Another student, Diell Shehu, added that people should not be deceived.

He mentioned several cases when fake news about Covid-19 circulated in the health sector.

"It is very important… we have learned how to distinguish between truth and falsehood… I think that people should not be deceived… Regarding Covid, I have seen a lot of news when it was said that they found the vaccine, but they turned out to be completely wrong", said Shehu.

Meanwhile, the technology teacher at the "Xhavit Ahmeti" High School in Gjilan, Edita Muriqi-Sulqezi, from the Turkish community, said that it is a topic that should be of interest to the students, because according to her, everyone uses phones.

Muriqi-Sulqezi said that it is important to distinguish correct information from disinformation that is published in different media.

"Since the training is for the media and I believe that it is a topic that especially interests students who will continue their studies from now on, and I believe that it is very welcome for students because… everyone is at the age that they use phones and the media a lot, and it is good to distinguish between correct information and disinformation that is on social networks… In our time, we have a lot of fake news, but we must know which ones to believe", she said.

Also, the project manager, Fadil Miftari, has stated that the program is achieving its objectives and is addressing the main issues that are needed and help the students to identify fake news in the best possible way.

"The program is reaching every community in Kosovo… this time we are dedicated specifically to the Turkish community. We are very satisfied with the number of participants, the program is managing to achieve its objectives, and to address the key issues that are needed and help the students to identify fake news in the best possible way, because today the world is facing a big challenge such as disinformation and misinformation", he said.

The project "Media education against disinformation for students from non-majority communities in Kosovo", is supported by the United States Embassy in Prishtina.

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