Clash between the position and the opposition regarding the dismissal of Shemsi Haziri from the police; explains director Hoxha
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Amid tensions and clashes between the MPs of the position and the opposition, the report of the director of the Kosova Police, Gazmend Hoxha, to the Committee for Security and Defense has been held.

The chairman of this committee, Bekë Berisha, asked Director Hoxha about the reports in the media about the changes made to the Police Investigation Unit, regarding the dismissal of the head of the Anticorruption Task Force, Shemsi Haziri, replacing the latter with Betim Berisha, of who, according to Bekë Berisha, 'comes from Konushefci, which is very close to the village of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla'.

Berisha emphasized that there is no position of deputy director in that unit, and according to him, a special position has been created so that Haziri does not remain on the street. In this case, Berisha mentioned the investigations against Martin Berishaj.

After these accusations from the AAK MP, the MP from the ruling party, Enver Dugolli emphasized that the approach of the MP Berisha is wrong, and that the accusations against the police are serious.

The Vetëvendosje MP, Shqipe Selimi, also reacted to Berisha's statement, who asked to speak, but was initially refused by the chairman of this committee, Bekë Berisha.

Meanwhile, the LDK MP, Anton Quni emphasized that if all these accusations stand, the state should also be worried.

Meanwhile, the General Director of the Kosova Police, Gazmend Hoxha, responded to Berisha by saying that there was no dismissal of any police officer except for Major Haziri.

Meanwhile, the VV MP, Mefail Bajqinovci, asked the director of the police, Hoxha, about Shemsi Haziri's possible violations in his duties and his interventions in municipalities and ministries.

For this, Hoxha said that he has no information.

Among other things, during the reporting, Hoxha also expressed his concern about the decline in the application of women to the police. According to him, their interest has decreased, but he added that they are working in this direction.

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