MPs commemorate Ilaz Kodra and the 315 martyrs
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MPs of the Assembly of Kosovo have declared that to Ilaz Kodra, to all the heroes, martyrs of Kosovo, they owe it to them to create a state that embodies their ideals, a just, developed and safe state that respects the dignity of everyone.

The MPs in a solemn session in honor of the fall of the commander of the KLA, Ilaz Kodra and 315 martyrs and martyrs, who fell on April 30, 1999 in Drenica, said that it is an obligation to leave our children a Kosovo with a more powerful economy, more advanced education, more efficient health, more powerful and credible institutions and more friends and allies, as prerequisites for a better future for them.

MP Gani Krasniqi, on behalf of Vetëvendosje, said that Ilaz Kodra quickly became what a KLA fighter should be and those values naturally make him the commander of one of the most important brigades of the KLA.

MP of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Blerta Deliu-Kodra, read the letter of Ilazi's daughter, Krenare Kodra.

The MP of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Arben Gashi, said that today they are commemorating Drenica, who was the last to resist the Yugoslav communist invasion and the first to rise up for freedom, which was an inspiration from the first days.

And on behalf of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Time Kadrijaj said that by remembering Commander Ilaz Kodra, the moments of sacrifice for freedom are exalted, since the day of his fall brought together the warrior and the people. The contribution of Ilaz Kodra and the 315 martyrs, who fell on April 30, 1999 in Drenica, were highly appreciated by the president, Vjosa Osmani, the prime minister, Albin Kurti and the speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca.

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