They publish photos pointing a gun at a police officer, Serbian extremists threaten via Telegram
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The Kosova Police has become the target of some Serbian extremist groups, which publish various threats to this security institution on Telegram.

Recently, they have gone so far that one of the people who has a Telegram account has posted a picture showing a gun pointed at a Kosova police officer.

In these photos 1,2,3, which were posted on 14.04.2024 (it is not known when the photo was taken), a person from a car pointed a gun at the Kosova police, it is believed that the photo was taken in the north. The person who posted this photo maintains this profile on Telegram, which we find in photos 4 and 5.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Some of the Serbian groups opened on the Telegram social network by Serbian extremists calling for "war in Kosova" (photo 6).

Photo 6

Meanwhile, in the last photo, you can see the groups formed on social networks (with names such as Telegram, Srpska Sparta-Info, Bunt, Srbi u Crnogo Gori), which threaten and propagandize against the institutions, law and order mechanisms in the Republic of Kosova.

We recall that in June last year "Civil Defense" and "Northern Brigade" were declared terrorist organizations by the Government of Kosova. While a group of Serbian extremists in September last year organized a terrorist attack in Banjska of Zvecan, where police sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was killed and two others were injured.

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