Tomorrow the meeting in Brussels, the EU expects an agreement on the dinar, VV insists on the CBK Regulation
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For the fourth time in a row, on Thursday in Brussels, the chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia will meet, regarding the CBK Regulation, which prohibits the use of the dinar in Kosovo. In the European Union, they confirm the meeting, while they expect the parties, as they say, to behave in a European manner and reach an agreement. Meanwhile, according to the party in power, the regulation is non-negotiable and that there will be no alternative that prevents or postpones the implementation of the decision. However, according to them, the agreement in the last meeting with the proposal of the European Union for a temporary solution is only related to the relief that the Serbian citizens in Kosovo are not harmed by this decision. On the other hand, the executive continues to be criticized for making internal issues of Kosovo a topic in the Brussels dialogue.

The spokesperson of the European Union, Peter Stano, in a response to KosovaPress, says that the outcome of the meeting will depend on the ability of both parties to behave in a European manner and reach an agreement.

"I can confirm that tomorrow there should be in Brussels yet another meeting of Chief negotiators to work out a solution related to the dinar. The outcome - as always - depends on the ability of both Parties to behave in a European way and find an agreement," he says.

Meanwhile, the MP of Vetëvendosje, at the same time the chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Arbëreshë Kryeziu-Hyseni, tells KosovaPress that Serbia is a deconstructive party and that it is opposing any solution for the dinar.

According to her, any alternative that goes against the CBK Regulation is unacceptable for Kosovo.

However, the former chief negotiator in the dialogue with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, tells KosovaPress that Prime Minister Kurti violated the sovereignty of Kosovo when he agreed to dialogue in Brussels on an internal issue.

According to her, a solution to this issue must be found in close coordination with international allies, especially the United States of America.

KosovaPress has contacted government officials for possible solutions to the dinar issue, but they have not responded.

The mediator of the dialogue, the emissary of the European Union, Miroslav Lajçak, at the last meeting of the chief negotiators, proposed a temporary solution to the dinar issue, which was accepted by the Kosovar side, but was rejected by Serbia. The CBK regulation entered into force on February 1 of this year and recognizes only the euro as the official currency.

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