Hoti: We are ready for elections, Kurti has brought only failures
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2 month ago
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The former prime minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, declares that the Democratic League of Kosovo has made all the necessary preparations and is ready to go to snap elections to improve the current situation of the country. LDK MP Hoti, in an interview for KosovaPress, says that the Kurti Government has already surrendered, he wishes the election process to happen as soon as possible so that there is a responsible government that leads the country in cooperation with the allies. because according to him, this has been missing with the current government.

The former Minister of Finance emphasizes that from his visits to Europe and on the ground, "it can be seen that the desperation with the government in power is at its peak".

As he counts the failures, he considers that this government "has also given a backlash to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia", since according to him, the approach of the allies has changed negatively in this direction with the Kurti Government.

From visits on the ground, Hoti says that many citizens are disappointed with the current leadership, for which he says that the LDK has made all the necessary preparations to restore the trust of the citizens.

While he says that the relations with the allies have been greatly damaged, he underlines that with the coming to power of this government, there is no new recognition.

Asked if the attack in Banjska could be repeated, he says that he does not expect such tension again, but adds that there will be difficulties in the integration of members of the Serbian community in the institutions of Kosovo.

He also expresses his concern with the imposition of sanctioning measures by the EU against our country. Hoti says that with the coming to power of this government, citizens are seeing the consequences every day.

While he says that more cooperation with allies is needed, he says that with the Kurti Government there are no new memberships in international organizations.

Although the country has faced the energy crisis and inflation, Hoti says that unlike other countries that have managed the situation well with this issue, our country has had a lack of genuine fiscal policies.

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