The government boasts of economic growth, the opposition believes that the figures are propaganda
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1 month ago
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The figures for economic growth by the Government are considered to be unrealistic and propaganda. This is the opinion of economic experts and the opposition, unlike the ruling party, who say that the country's economy has continued to grow in the fourth quarter of last year.

While the opposition expresses concern that the economic situation in the country has deteriorated and is in a bad state, they consider that the Kurti Government has not fulfilled any of its promises regarding capital investments. However, this is denied by Vetëvendosje.

The MP from the position, Armend Muja, says that this year will be a record in the realization of capital investments, for which he says that the increase will be over 4 percent.

Muja, while counting the factors that are affecting the improvement of the economy in the country, emphasizes that Kosovo is characterized by much higher economic growth than the rest of Europe.

While the MP from the Democratic League of Kosovo, Besian Mustafa considers that this government has started a propaganda by creating numbers that are not at all consistent with the economic reality.

Mustafa adds that this government has not fulfilled any capital investment promises for three years since coming to power, for which he considers that they have failed in governance.

Meanwhile, the MP from the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Pal Lekaj says that the economic growth in the country is only 3.3 percent, not bigger.

Economic experts say that the country is in a bad economic situation. The President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Arian Zeka, tells KosovaPress that the figures published by the government that there is economic growth are not real.

Also, the president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Lulzim Rafuna, considers that the figures are very low, so that they do not leave any trace in the economic development of the country.

On the other hand, the Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, has stated that the country's economy has continued to grow in the fourth quarter of last year.

He wrote on Facebook that according to the Kosovo Agency of Statistics for the fourth quarter of 2023, the real growth of the economy was 3.96 percent.

"In the graph below you can also see the comparison of the country's economic performance over the years. While with the past governments, only one billion euros were added to the economy for three years, with the Kurti Government, for the same period, 2.9 billion euros were added to the economy, or an average of almost one billion per year", wrote Murati.

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