The Center for Innovations and Development teaches women how to advance their businesses
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Many women from the region of the municipality of Mitrovica have shared their experiences from the field of business during a training session held today in Mitrovica, within the project "Supporting women in business development”, which is being implemented by the non-governmental organization ‘Center for Innovations and Development’, which through the Liaison Office of Slovakia in Kosovo, is financed by the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation 'Slovak Aid'.

The main focus in this training was the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for product and business model development, while practical work was also carried out, where the participants of this training worked in groups and individually to develop a list of products, new business model, or recipes using AI.

The expert on women's economic empowerment Linda Baleta from the "Center for Innovations and Development", said that AI should be put into service regardless of the profession, or the type of business that women lead.

According to her, this is the main focus of today's training, while she announced that during the session, various AI tools that women can use to develop their business and improve their presence in the market were discussed.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, so we must put AI at our service, regardless of the profession, or the type of business we lead. This is the focus of the training session with women business owners from the Mitrovica region. Today we are discussing the various AI tools that they can use for the development of their business, new creative ideas, and to improve their presence in the market", said Baleta.

On the other hand, Maliqe Mustafa, from Zasella of the municipality of Mitrovica, who works as a beekeeper, said that honesty with customers, as well as the positive effects of bee products are the main keys to the success of her business.

"We are fair with the clients we have, but also the apitherapy that people are using is having many positive effects. Customers are being satisfied, especially with bee products, we are always correct, that is why we here where we are… The trainings are very welcome, because I have had many benefits as a woman in business… Especially this training that we have with women in business is very welcome for all women and for us”, said Mustafa.

Also, Hata Haxhiu from Vaganica of Mitrovica, who has two greenhouses of her own and uses organic products for traditional cooking, said that the work in her business is going well and such trainings are very welcome for her.

"Two years ago, I registered the business, and the work is going well, and these trainings are making us very aware… it is very welcome," said Haxhiu.

Otherwise, today's training in Mitrovica was the last session, the ‘Center for Innovations and Development’ has held a total of six training sessions in the field of business with women from all over Kosovo, of which four online and two with physical presence, where topics such as "Participation and appropriate presentation at fairs", "Networking, food quality safety standards", "Ensuring the network for supply of basic products", "Marketing, promotion and artificial intelligence for business development" , and other similar topics were addressed. /A. Damati/

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