The fee from CBK for metal coins is removed
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The Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosova (CTIK) announces that the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) has removed the fee from the CBK for the deposit of metallic coins.

In the official response received from the Central Bank of Kosovo addressed to CTIK, it is clarified that now businesses are not forced to pay such a fee when depositing metal coins, while at the request of the CBK and with prior agreement with the Heads of Commercial Banks, the same practice has been implemented by all commercial banks in the country.

The Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosova, through a communiqué, emphasizes that for several years now, it has been continuously seeking and developing ongoing meetings and activities, demanding that the fee for metallic currencies for businesses that have been banned 3.7%, 5%, 8% of the amount delivered during the deposit of metallic coins from their circulation, be removed because this fee has seriously damaged the businesses that operate with metal coins.

"As an example for illustration, we are clarifying that before the change of the fee for the deposit of metallic coins by the CBK, for the delivery of 10,000 EUR of metallic money to commercial banks, the business has lost from 370 to 500 euros. The businesses that were most affected by this fee were bakeries, markets, small shops, etc. which mostly deal with metal coins, and which operate with very low profit margins, therefore the application of this fee has caused a great burden for these businesses. The Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosova welcomes the removal of this fee from the Central Bank of Kosovo,

remaining hopeful that the country's institutions will take into account the imputations from business representatives and concrete steps to facilitate and create a climate as suitable as possible for doing business in the country", the communiqué states.

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