Concerns about interference in the independence of the IMC, this is denied by the government
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The members of the Independent Media Commission (IMC) reported today to the Parliamentary Committee on Media, for the third time in a row, regarding their decision to return the "Arena Sport" channels to cable platforms. During the discussion, opposition MPs raised concerns about interference in the independence of the IMC, which was denied by the ruling MPs. On the other hand, there were also differences within the members of the IMC, where among them it was said that there were requests that the case of "ArtMotion" and "DigitAlb" should be sent to the Prosecutor's Office, but that the IMC had not acted that way.

The member of the committee, the AAK MP, Besnik Tahiri, said that the institutional independence of the IMC should not be jeopardized, while also mentioning the reaction of the European Union.

However, the chairman of the committee, VV MP, Valon Ramadani said that he is convinced that the independence of the IMC has not been violated, based on the reporting of their members to the legislature.

Another VV MP, Armend Muja, who is not a member of this committee, but who emphasized that the IMC should clarify how it licensed "ArenaSport" in Kosovo, when the same recognizes Kosovo as part of Serbia.

On the other hand, the member of the IMC, Luljeta Aliu, said that there were irregularities and lack of transparency within the IMC on this issue.

According to her, the "ArtMotion" and "Digitalb" case should go to the Prosecutor's Office. She said that this request was also supported by the other member of the IMC, Fitim Veliu.

However, in the absence of the translation of the sent materials, the MPs decided that this issue will be discussed at the next meeting of the committee.

Part of today's meeting was also the chairman of the Board of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications (ARKEP), Nazim Rrahimi, who spoke about the violations of contract conditions by cable operators.

He said that in the new regulation they gave the consumer the right to terminate the contract, in case the operator changes the channels.

Also, the chairman of the IMC Board, Jeton Mehmeti, said that at the beginning of this year they received 340 complaints that the channels were changed.

He said that the consumer must be notified 30 days in advance if the operators change packages. /KosovaPress/

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