Investigative Committee for State Reserves; the opposition accuses the ruling party of hiding the evidence
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3 month ago
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The opposition demands from the Special Prosecutor's Office to be informed to what extent the MPs can interfere in the handling of the issue of state reserves in the Parliamentary Investigative Committee.

Despite the request for the prosecutor, the MP from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Rashit Qalaja, said that they have not yet received an answer.

At the meeting of the investigative parliamentary committee regarding the procedures for the supply and management of state reserves, possible misuses and abuses through the qualification of the procedure as a state secret for the conduct of documentation, there was a clash between the position and opposition MPs.

The opposition has accused the government of hiding evidence related to this issue, while the ruling party has denied such a thing.

The MP of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Valentina Bunjaku-Rexhepi, has accused the MP from the ruling party, Driton Hysen, of insults, since according to her, he is giving morals and not working to reveal the truth about state reserves.

For this, the MP from the ruling party, Vetëvendosje, Driton Hyseni said that they are ready to work to meet the needs of the citizens.

Meanwhile, the other MP from this party, Halil Thaçi, said that for him it is unacceptable to process the request for documentation for approval in the Commission. Whereas he said that as an institution they cannot act unilaterally.

Meanwhile, the MP from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Ferat Shala, responded to the MP Thaçi, saying that he addressed the written request for doubts regarding the supply of state reserves.

On the other hand, the MP from the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Pal Lekaj, while he said that this commission aims to reveal the truth about the state reserves, asked the MPs to work in this direction by bringing details, and not to do labeling.

The investigative commission was created in the eighth attempt, after seven other attempts that had failed due to the boycott by the ruling party. /E. Krasniqi

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