The majority is divided regarding the Draft Law on Reproductive Health and Assisted Fertilization
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3 month ago
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The Assembly of Kosovo, in the absence of a quorum, has failed to approve, in the second reading, the Draft Law on Reproductive Health and Assisted Fertilization. For this draft law, there were major disagreements even among the government MPs, where 42 amendments were proposed for the same, where 20 of them were from the MP Visar Korenica, who said that he was supported by ten MPs for the same. Meanwhile, in the amendments proposed by him, the opposition MPs did not participate in the vote.

Korenica said that the Draft Law on Reproductive Health and Assisted Fertilization is extremely problematic, where according to him the family and marriage is violated. He added that through it the right to plan a family is given to individuals and not only to the couple.

Therefore, he said that through his amendment the right to reproductive health and assisted fertilization should belong only to the couple.

18 MPs voted in favor of this proposal, nine abstained, whereas 32 were against, but the VV MP, Eman Rrahmani, did not participate in the vote three times in a row.

Because of this, the speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, reacted, where he said that an MP of the majority is deliberately not participating in the vote, to which MP Rrahmani reacted.

In addition, the Assembly approved in the second reading, the Draft Law on Metrology, and the Draft Law on Road Traffic Rules.

Meanwhile, there was still no quorum for the Draft Law on School Textbooks. /KosovaPress/

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