The suspicious office near the Police, Islami: Alarming, there may have been work against state interests
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The illegal action of an office near the entrance of the police station "Qendra" in Prishtina, which was raided yesterday on the suspicion that illegal medical services were offered, by security experts is being considered as worrying for citizens, security institutions and the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KIA).

In a statement for KosovaPress, the professor of security sciences, Avni Islami, said that this case should be an alarm for the security institutions of Kosovo, because the illegal action of this office raises suspicions that there may have been work against the interests of Kosovo.

Islami emphasized that Kosovo's security institutions must act and be ready to investigate if there are other objects that may carry out suspicious activities against the law and how secure the vital objects of our country are.

Meanwhile, this facility has been closed since yesterday (Wednesday), the Kosova Police conducted a police operation in an office adjacent to the entrance of the "Qendra" police station in Prishtina, where it is suspected that illegal medical services were offered.

The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prishtina issued a statement today regarding the raids that were carried out last night.

According to the announcement on the raid, by order of the State Prosecutor, material evidence was seized which will be used in the criminal procedure, whereas by the decision of the Health Inspectorate, the facility in question was closed.

"The Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prishtina, announced regarding the raid carried out on 31.01.2024, that after receiving information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that in the facility - annex of the Central Police Station in Prishtina, an NGO is operating illegally, the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Prishtina together with the prosecutor of the case from the Department of Serious Crimes - Unit for Economic Crimes and Corruption, went to the scene and undertook the necessary investigative actions, in coordination with the Kosova Police - Directorate for Investigations Regional Office in Prishtina and in cooperation with the Kosovo Customs and the Health Inspectorate, a raid was carried out in the aforementioned premises, in which case it was established that medical services are being offered in this facility in an illegal manner, and two people were interviewed in the capacity of suspects and some others in the capacity of witnesses", reads the announcement. /Z. Zeneli/

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