The National Prayer Breakfast ceremony in Washington, which MPs are expected to participate
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Also, this year, the end of January will find several members of the Assembly of Kosovo in Washington, who will travel there to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast ceremony. But which MPs have so far received invitations from the American Congress?

From the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the chairman Memli Krasniqi received an invitation from the American Congress, as well as MPs Ganimete Musliu and Ariana Musliu-Shoshi.

In a written response to KosovaPress, Krasniqi said that he was invited, but due to pre-planned commitments he will not participate this year.

"I am also invited this year to the National Prayer Breakfast ceremony, but due to pre-planned commitments, I will not participate this year", said Krasniqi.

On the other hand, the other PDK MP, Ganimete Musliu, confirmed that she will be present at the National Prayer Breakfast ceremony.

"Yes, I am invited and will participate", confirmed Musliu.

Meanwhile, the other PDK MP, Ariana Musliu-Shoshi, indicated that she will not be present because the Assembly does not cover the expenses for everyone, as she added that this is a violation of the rights of the MP.

She even sent the decision stating that "From the budget of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, travel, accommodation, participation and per diem expenses will be covered, apart from the expenses of participation, for the second MP, other expenses will not be covered by the budget of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo".

"Yes, I am invited, but I will not participate because the Assembly does not cover the expenses for everyone, as can be seen in the decision, and this is a violation of the MP's rights", said Shoshi.

On the other hand, LDK MP Armend Zemaj received an invitation. He said he has participated since 2010, and whenever they are held, he will be there.

"Yes, I'm a regular there, I've been number one since 2010, also next year, every time it's held, I just hope to be good, because I will be there", confirmed Zemaj for KosovaPress.

Meanwhile, the AAK spokesperson, Kushtrim Xhemajli, has confirmed that the party leader, Ramush Haradinaj, and the head of the AAK Parliamentary Group, Besnik Tahiri, have received an invitation to this ceremony.

"Chairman Ramush Haradinaj and MP Besnik Tahiri will travel to the USA to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast ceremony, where, among other things, chairman Haradinaj has several other important meetings on his agenda during his stay in the USA", Xhemajli confirmed for KosovaPress.

KosovaPress also called the spokesperson of the Government, Përparim Kryeziu, but he did not answer.

The head of the parliamentary group of Vetëvendosje, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, did not answer the same.

The National Prayer Breakfast has been held on February 1 since 1997. Many leaders, diplomats and representatives of countries from around the world are expected to participate in this ceremony.

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