Events of March 7
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An exhibition will be opened in honor of the KLA Epic. (National Museum of Kosovo)

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, the Faculty of Education opens a student exhibition related to the history of the Primer and the Albanian book over the years; the scientific symposium related to the lessons learned from the evaluations from the international tests, as well as the certification ceremony of 50 teachers in the program "Integration of sustainable development in the classroom". (Time 0:00 and 10:30)

The Committee for Oversight of Public Finances holds the next meeting, where the report of the audit of the performance of the information technology, the system for the management of salaries is reviewed. Invited: The acting director of the treasury, Nysret Koca. (Assembly of Kosovo, hall N302, time 11:00)

The Directorate of Education in Ferizaj organizes a demonstration on the occasion of March 7 - Teacher's Day. (Theatre "Adriana", time 11:00)

The Faculty of Education of the University of Gjilan organizes a discussion table from the field of culture and literature. (Hall A34, time 11:00)

NGO AKTIV in North Mitrovica and the Center for Democracy and Education - Lugina in Bujanovc, organize a conference where the research on the position of the Serbian community in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo and the Albanian community in the south of Serbia is published. (Sirius Hotel, Prishtina, time 11:00)

On the occasion of March 7 - Teacher's Day, the Municipal Directorate of Education in Prizren organizes a cultural-artistic activity. (Amphitheater of the University of Prizren, time 12:00)

The meeting of the Commission for Environment, Food, Agriculture, Planning and Development is held, where the draft law 08/L-218 on the organization of the market for agricultural products is reviewed in principle. (Assembly, hall N303, time 13:00)

As part of the KLA Epopee, a football match between KSF and AFA takes place. (Prishtina stadium, time 13:00)

The Austrian Companies Job Fair is held in order to promote the work of various Austrian companies. (UBT's Innovative Science Park, in Lipjan, time 13:00-17:30)

The meeting of the Commission on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons, Victims of Sexual Violence of War and Petitions will be held, where the issue of combating domestic violence, violence against women and sexual harassment will be discussed; invited; Representatives from the Kosovo Police, as well as the legal initiative for the Draft Law on Petitions will be reviewed. (Assembly, hall N225, time 14:00)

The Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama will distribute letters of gratitude for all the teachers of the capital's schools who will retire this year, thus appreciating the tireless contribution they gave to the education of generations. (Premises of the "Eqrem Çabej" school, time 15:00)

The art exhibition "Albanian Creative Woman", organized by the Municipality of Peja and the Art Gallery, opens. (Art Gallery in Peja, time 18:00)

As part of the celebration of the KLA Epopee, the Night of Fires is held in Prekaz. (Time 18:00)

The Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama together with the representatives of KLA veterans, will light the fires to mark the “Night of Fires” as a sign of solidarity with the lighting of fires in all regions, thus concluding the manifestation in commemoration of the KLA Epopee. (Skënderbeu Square, time 18:00) As part of the celebration of the KLA Epopee, an artistic program will be held. (Skenderaj Square, time 19:00)

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