The Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosovo: The increase in the price of cement, a heavy blow to the construction sector
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1 year ago
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The enormous increase in the price of cement and its effect on the businesses of the sector of concrete producers and the construction sector, was the topic of discussion in the meeting held between the Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosovo and its member businesses with the Minister of Industry, Enterprise and Trade, Rozeta Hajdari.

The new increase in the price of cement to 17.81 euros per ton, including VAT, which came into force on 08.08.2022 or 58.27% within this year, is the third increase in the price of cement this year, which caused the representatives of the sector of concrete producers within the Chamber of Trade and Industry to react. The Chamber of Trade on this occasion asked Minister Hajdari to take immediate measures to overcome the created situation, so that there are no negative consequences for businesses and the local economy. According to the representatives of the businesses, the frequent increase in the price, with announcements in very short periods of time, and the lack of substantive reasoning for these increases, is causing many challenges in the operation of businesses in the sector of concrete producers as well as in fulfilling the contracts that the latter have with clients and associates. Also, this is affecting large losses that are being caused to these businesses, and as a result causes the loss of jobs. From the notices received by businesses for price changes by the Sharr-Cem company, it is considered that the factor is the increase in the price of electricity, which is also considered by concrete producers as an insufficient and unacceptable argument for such a large increase. Minister Hajdari thanked for the meeting and expressed readiness to handle the case. He also emphasized that this meeting was necessary in order to get more concrete information about this problem that businesses are facing, adding that she will address it and make an effort to help this sector.
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