A quarter of a century since the establishment of KosovaPress

A quarter of a century since the establishment of KosovaPress

KosovaPress News Agency today marks the 25th anniversary of its establishment and the beginning of work. KosovaPress was founded on January 4, 1999, making a great contribution to informing local and international opinion about the liberation war, Serbian crimes, and NATO bombings.

The 25th anniversary finds KosovaPress part of the networks of the Balkan News Agencies, ABNA (www.abnase.com) and of Europe, EANA (www.newsalliance.com), completing the cycle of its memberships in world, where Kosovo is aiming.

During the war period, KosovaPress published news in Albanian, English, German, and French.

With the dissolution of the Provisional Government in January 2000 and the creation of the Provisional Administrative Council in September of the same year, KosovaPress began its journey as an Independent News Agency.

The beginning was difficult and there was a struggle for survival (in February 2002 the media were evicted from the former Rilindja building), while then, thanks to work and perseverance, the period of development and, year after year, the expansion of products began.

A brief chronology:

In 2002, KosovaPress switched to the prepaid system, initially in the Albanian language, and from 2005 resumed publications in the English language, whereas in 2007 also in the Serbian, and Turkish languages.

In the tenth anniversary of its establishment (2009), KosovaPress brought the newest products to the country’s media market: video-news and audio-news.

KosovaPress, on the 17th anniversary of its work, presented its newest product, which was the live broadcast of events. Live broadcasts were made with the latest technology, through 4K cameras. Continuous investment in technology allows today KosovaPress to do up to 10 “live” broadcasts at the same time, as well as directed.

When KosovaPress celebrated two decades of work, the Production Department was also introduced, which takes care of the realization of educational and entertaining shows, such as the children’s show “Foleja”?

In 2017, KosovaPress, after several years of lobbying, became a full member of the network of News Agencies of the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe (ABNA-SE www.abnase.com). KosovaPress, since its membership, has made a valuable contribution to the promotion of national values in the news network that is edited on ABNA platforms.

In September 2021, KosovaPress after successfully organizing the General Assembly of ABNA-SE, took the presidency for one year.

After the 2021-2022 presidency, KosovaPress continues to be part of the board of ABNA-SE for two years (https://abnase.com/contacts/).

Lobbying and efforts to be part of other news agency networks did not stop.

At the beginning of 2022, KosovaPress (Kosovo), MIA (North Macedonia) and Armenia applied to be part of the network of European Alliance of News Agencies, EANA.

In September 2022, at the General Assembly, KosovaPress is officially accepted as a full member of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA), and with this membership KosovaPress opened even more ways to cooperate with all European news agencies by bringing the products that these agencies offer (https://www.newsalliance.org/news/the-european-alliance) -of-news-agencies-welcomes-kosova-press-as-new-member-and-stefano-de-alessandri-ceo-of-ansa-as-new-member-of-the-board).

The condition for membership was ¾ of the votes of the members, where within this organization there are 10 states that do not recognize Kosovo. Out of 32 members (Russia was suspended in April of the same year), KosovaPress had to receive 24 votes of the members despite the fact that the presence was not complete). KosovaPress received 25 votes, becoming the 33rd member of this largest network of news agencies, which was founded in 1924 (https://www.newsalliance.org/members/).

With this, many doors were opened for KosovaPress to cooperate with all these agencies and increase news from these countries and in these countries for mutual clients.

So far, it has signed cooperation agreements with many agencies, including ATA (Albania), ANSA (Italy), ANA-MPA (Greece), BTA (Bulgaria), ANADOLU AGJENCY (Turkey) and LUSA (Portugal) and is in the process with many, many more.

Thanks to dedication, responsibility and accuracy, the largest and most important media in Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia as well as other countries in the region and beyond continue to trust KosovaPress News Agency, cooperating closely every day, already for years.

KosovaPress News Agency continues to inform the reader and client everything that happens in the daily political, economic and social life of Kosovo, the region, Europe, and the world, but also by raising important issues through other types of journalism such as interviews, documentaries, reports etc.

From last year, from three languages, it now works in eight languages, Albanian, English and Serbian for clients as well, whereas German, Italian, French, Italian, Macedonian and Turkish through automatic translation.

KosovaPress entered the 25th anniversary of its establishment with many new plans and projects, some of which will be presented this year, including new spaces and a new website. KosovaPress aims to be a trusted source of news as well as a contributor to the growth of freedom of expression.

Lexo edhe