Turkey is part of the Business Fair in Tirana, aims to develop cooperation with Kosovo

Turkey is part of the Business Fair in Tirana, aims to develop cooperation with Kosovo

Turkey is participating with nine companies in the International Business Fair in Tirana. On the first floor of the Palace of Congresses, for three days, various Turkish businesses presented their products.

The Vice President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Israfil Kuralay, told KosovaPress that this is the third year they are participating in the fair organized by Klik Ekspo Group.

“We, as the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce have participated in five fairs before. In the last three years we have participated in the Tirana International Fair. Of course we feel a special pleasure to participate in this fair. A participation which we have attended with great pleasure”, said Kuralay.

The Vice President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce also talks about the importance of cooperation between Kosovo and Turkey.

“At the end of December, we will welcome in Istanbul as the Chamber of Commerce, the first Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo and a minister of the Government of Kosovo. As two brother countries we still have a lot to do. We are obliged to further develop trade relations. As two friendly peoples, who have common traditions, common customs, we must try as much as possible to further strengthen our friendship”, he said.

He says that they are interested in expanding the market to a large extent in Kosovo through the Tirana International Fair.

“Turkish companies also have a great activity in many different countries of the world. This year we had an export of $220 billion. We want to develop this cooperation in Kosovo as much as possible. A cooperation, which is for the benefit of the people of Kosovo and the people of Turkey”, he said for KosovaPress.

Kuralay says that a large number of Kosovars live in Turkey, and also there are residents from the Turkish community in Kosovo. For this, according to him, bridges of cooperation should be created between the two countries.

The International Business Fair is attended for the first time by six countries of the Western Balkans, but also other countries. This is the 27th edition of the fair, which started on Wednesday and ends tomorrow.

KosovaPress News Agency and the Albanian Telegraphic Agency are media sponsors of this fair. Both of them with their stands are participating in the International Business Fair.

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