The calls for the resignation of the mayors in the north, Krasniqi: They are Belgrade's demands

The Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, has called the calls for the mayors of the four municipalities in the north to resign in order to pave the way for new elections there, as Belgrade's demands.

Minister Krasniqi, at the media conference after the government meeting on Wednesday, underlined that the early elections in the north should be done only through the citizens' initiative of collecting signatures.  

According to him, everything else is not in the interest of the citizens and does not guarantee that the same situation will be repeated in the north.

He reiterated that the administrative directive that enables the dismissal of the presidents in the north is in harmony with the legislation in force and the Constitution.

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Yesterday, the special emissary of the United States of America, Gabriel Escobar, said that the resignation of the mayors in the four municipalities in the north is the fastest way to announce new elections in the north./KosovaPress/

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