These are the 19 agreements signed between Kosovo and Albania

These are the 19 agreements signed between Kosovo and Albania

The eighth meeting of the governments of Kosovo and Albania was held in Pristina today, which resulted in the signing of 19 agreements in various fields. Among others was the removal of the border during the summer season, holidays, and weekends, as well as the possibility of enrolling and attending studies in 19 universities of both countries on equal terms.

The signed agreement are the following:

1. EDUCATION: Making it possible to apply and attend studies in 19 universities of both countries, on equal terms.

2-3. FREE MOVEMENT: Towards full facilitation of free movement between the two states.

4. CIVIL STATUS: Real-time notification between two states for changes in civil status.

5. CUSTOMS: Study towards the realization of the joint customs system between the two countries.

6. SOCIAL INSURANCE: Towards the unification of the social security markets of the two countries.

7-8. ENERGY: Towards increased security and diversification of supply (development of LNG / liquefied gas terminal in Vlora).

9-10. AGRICULTURE: Towards increasing the exchange, quantity and quality of agricultural products, access to EU finances, as well as building a joint information / statistics system of the two countries.

11. ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE: Study for the improvement of cross-border roads.

12. TRANSPORT: Feasibility study for >> CONSTRUCTION OF THE RAILWAY LINE DURRËS – PRISTINA <<, a project that will put Kosovo and Albania on the map of important international corridors for transport of people and goods.

13-14. HEALTHCARE: Exchange of expertise and services in medicine, as well as unification of protocols for drugs and medical devices between the two countries (exchange of rare drugs).

15. TOURISM: Joint digital platform for tourism promotion of the two countries.

16. YOUTH: Exchange of experiences about the development of policies and activities for young people.

17. PROTECTION: Intensification of cooperation and consolidation of efforts in the field of mountain rescue and territorial waters.

18. JUSTICE: Towards equal recognition of the bar exam and allowing the practice of the legal profession in both countries.

19. JOINT ENCYCLOPEDIA: Towards presenting the facts of our nation in a single dignified publication.

In the last meeting held in Albania, 6 months ago, the two governments of Kosovo and Albania had signed 13 intergovernmental agreements and 8 agreements between institutions.

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