The Week of Italian Cuisine in Kosovo, Ambassador De Riu: Cuisine is culture

The Week of Italian Cuisine in Kosovo, Ambassador De Riu: Cuisine is culture

“Conviviality, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine for the health of people and the protection of the planet”, is the theme of this year’s edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in Kosovo. For the seventh time, the international event dedicated to the Italian agri-food sector is being organized in the country. Throughout the week, 10 restaurants in Prishtina and the surrounding area will offer special menus of Italian cuisine. This edition is dedicated to learners and students of Italian language and different communities.

Within this week, a dinner was organized on Wednesday evening in the capital, where government cabinet ministers, foreign ambassadors and media leaders participated.

The Italian ambassador, Antonello De Riu, said for KosovaPress that cuisine is culture that represents the tradition of a country.

“Cuisine is a way of dialogue, while eating, people also dialogue and talk. And considering a slightly tense situation in Kosovo, it is very important because cuisine is a culture that represents the tradition of a country. People gather around the table, enjoy, and talk. So it is a moment that presents culture, traditions and of course advertises a country”, he says.

Furthermore, he emphasizes that in the framework of the “Week of Italian Cuisine” they have brought Italian chefs who are training young people.

“Given that cuisine in itself is culture and it is we who started with culture, with students who study Italian at the University of Prishtina and in the various schools that hold courses. On the first night, we organized the “Lasagna Night”, people who come through the kitchen get together, they also talk about culture. Also, within this framework, we have made the program with the various restaurants of Kosovo. During Week of Italian Cuisine, only the Italian menu is offered that will have a fixed price, where people can enjoy Italian food that also brings the Italian tradition”, he adds.

Ambassador De Riu emphasized that the “Week of Italian Cuisine” is organized in many countries of the world.

“The Week of Italian Cuisine in the world is organized by the entire Italian diplomatic network in the world, by embassies, consulates, cultural institutions, and aims to spread this culture in each country. Meanwhile, at today’s dinner we have invited our partners from the world of culture, from the world of economy, some of our colleagues from the media and institutions. It is a way for us to celebrate tonight, to enjoy together”, Ambassador De Riu concluded. This edition foresees events that started on the 14th and will end on the 20th of this month.

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