The Portuguese businessman intends to start a multi-million-dollar project in Kosovo

The Portuguese businessman intends to start a multi-million-dollar project in Kosovo

Businessman Noam Kolman, a Portuguese based developer and entrepreneur, known for multiple investments in real estate looking to invest a large-scale project has his sights on Kosovo. Areas of interest are in the Pristina centre and periphery.

As a newly constituted state, Kosovo has great potential for growth and development sparking the interests of businessman like Kolman.

With a predominantly young population and a strategic location capable of attracting youngsters of high socio-economic background, Pristina’s low investment prices make it attractive for the establishment of restaurants, coffee shops and hotels for businessman looking for a return on their investments.

Currently, Mr. Kolman is planning to develop a €70m project in Sesimbra Portugal consisting of 245 residential apartments plus 10 luxurious sea views villas for both short- and long-term lease.

With its sea side location, Sesimbra boasts beautiful sea shores, bicycle routes and fishing activities to be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.

Kolman, is hoping to create a similar hotel project with facilities such as a swimming pool, spa and shopping centre in a chosen European location, and Kosovo is on his list. 

The 52 years old businessman already holds a large property portfolio in Israel as a father of a 10-year-old autistic child, Mr. Kolman has sensitivity for children with special needs and is actively involved in the founding of medical research concerning autism and promotes the establishments of special needs kinder gardens offering the extra care required for children diagnosed on the spectrum.

We&Me, inspired by Ms. Alexandra Leighana Shulman

Kolman has a passion for technology and innovative ideas supporting startup he believes being revolutionary. One such startup is the innovative global project “We&Me” which Kolman claims will revolutionize real estate and change the rental market. This startup was inspired by Ms. Alexandra Leighana Shulman, a qualified international corporate and real estate lawyer with multiple degrees, which he proudly refers to as his “adopted daughter”.

“Alexandra- Leighana has come to me with many ideas over the years but as soon as she told me about the We&Me idea I immediately realized that it would revolutionize the residential real estate market” says Kolman.

It’s an innovative tech solution that will be a game changer for young professionals in the digital world of today.

While Mr. Kolman is very excited about We&Me, he did not wish to give out too much information. “With Alexandra Leighana being the brains of the operation and Lior Sapir being the tech genius I have no doubt that within a less than a year everyone will know about We&Me”.