The International Business Fair in Tirana, Muhametaj: Next year we intend to organize it with Kosovo

The International Business Fair in Tirana, Muhametaj: Next year we intend to organize it with Kosovo

Today is the second day of the International Business Fair in Tirana. There are 220 different companies from six Balkan countries and European countries that are presenting their products in the 27th edition of the fair organized by Klik Ekspo Group, and KosovaPress News Agency is among the companies that are participating in the Fair.

The director of the International Fair, Luan Muhametaj says that Kosovo and Albania should cooperate in this initiative, for which he is optimistic that next year they will manage to organize it together.

“There are 220 companies participating, this is the potential area of the Palace of Congresses. I always expect from Kosovo to cooperate in this initiative that should be done together,” he says.

The 6 Western Balkan countries are participating together in the 27th Business Fair for the first time.

Muhametaj emphasizes for KosovaPress that he intends to organize a joint fair with Kosovo next year.

“Technologies and fields are different because it is a multi-functional activity that is based on country pavilions. They are all working with the Albanian side to find a market and opportunities to cooperate with each other. Next year we will do activities for the Albanian-speaking part, I believe it is the most interesting and best activity I have done in my life … I wanted to do this for years but for various reasons, I couldn’t, but we should start from art, culture, history and economics. This unites us, as language and history unite us”, he says.

The fair, which follows the slogan “One Balkan, stronger Balkans”, will last four days. While Muhametaj is optimistic that next year the Fair will be organized in partnership with Kosovo.

“There are companies from all over the Balkans in the framework of the initiative, “One Balkan, stronger Balkans”. It is interesting that companies are finding cooperation in Albania and in the region. We think that next year we will do with Kosovo an activity where all the Albanian-speaking parts will be in an activity in Tirana. This is an interesting initiative that I have been wanting to do for a long time and I wasn’t able to do it,” he said.

Businesses from Kosovo, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are being represented on the three floors of the Palace of Congresses.

KosovaPress News Agency and the Albanian Telegraphic Agency are media sponsors of this fair. Both of them with their stands are participants in the International Business Fair.

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