The festival that brought together the children from all communities in Kosovo

The festival that brought together the children from all communities in Kosovo

For the fourth time, a multicultural festival was held under the motto “Communities “, where the cultures, traditions and identities of different ethnic communities living in Kosovo were promoted during two days.

The festival started yesterday in the city park of Pristina, to continue today where citizens had the opportunity to meet people from communities of various areas of life, but also got to know the cuisine and business of the communities. The cause of equality was also presented to those who participated in the event. Whereas the children had the opportunity to socialize through art, to see each other in different colors and to realize that all colors are beautiful.

The organizer of this festival, Vesa Batali, told KosovaPress that there was a significant number of participants in this festival, not only from minority communities, but also from other citizens.

“We started the festival by promoting culture, clothes, traditions, women’s businesses, we had a corner for children, music and various artists. The festival has gone very well so far … We’ve invited children from different schools, about 300 children came. Then of course the city park is constantly visited by different citizens, who came especially today on Saturday with their family members. During the two days, we had over a thousand people who visited the festival,” Batali said.

Batali presented some of the activities that were held at this festival, where there was also a promotion of young artists.

“During the day, starting from yesterday, we had a corner up there, we had the promotion of traditional food of Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, Turkish, Bosniak, Serbian, and Albanian communities. The women of these communities prepared food, and then we had the promotion of numerous businesses mostly handicrafts that women made and sold their products. We also had the promotion of young artists, starting with pianists, clarinetists, etc., “she emphasized.

She pointed out that the main purpose of the festival is to unite the majority with the minority communities.

“Our goal is to make the majority community aware of the traditions, culture and values of the minority communities we live with. The goal was to socialize children, and among other activities we organize during the year, this was one of the biggest events for which I think we have achieved the goal of bringing all communities closer”, she added.

A large number of citizens were present at the festival. While two children, Milaim and Gani Hasani, showed that they had great fun with different games.

We drew, painted, played ping-pong and played with some toys … we really liked it, we played, we drew, we painted, “they said.

The festival lasted for two days and was organized in the City Park in Pristina.

Lexo edhe