The events of January 31

The events of January 31

President Vjosa Osmani, Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Deputy Prime Minister Donika Gërvalla pay homage to the statue of the hero, Zahir Pajaziti. (Zahir Pajaziti Square, 09:00)

The Mayor of Prizren, Shaqir Totaj, holds a meeting with the Directors of the Municipality. (Cabinet of the President, 09:00)

The Committee on Legislation, Mandates, Immunities, the Rules of the Assembly and the supervision of the Anti-Corruption Agency, examines the reports of the main Committees on the Bill for the State Bureau for the verification and confiscation of unjustifiable assets. (Assembly of Kosovo, 10:00)

The Committee for Security and Defense Affairs holds a meeting. Reviews the report with Recommendations for the Draft Law on the protection of classified information. (Assembly of Kosovo, 10:00)

The Committee for Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Culture, Youth and Sports reviews the Draft Law for the Kosovo Agency for Accreditation. (Assembly of Kosovo, 10:00)

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo holds a press conference. Afghan journalists who have arrived in Kosovo will address the media. (AGK offices, 10:30)

The Committee for Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade examines the performance plans for the year 2023 of the independent agencies/regulators that report to the Committee (AKP; ARKEP; ERO). (Assembly of Kosovo, 11:00)

The Committee for the Supervision of Public Finances reviews the audit report “Financial and operational performance Trepça Public Enterprise”. The Chairman of the Board, Bahri Hyseni and Chief Executive Enis Abdurrahmani are summoned. (Assembly of Kosovo, 11:00)

The Committee for Public Administration, Local Government, Media and Regional Development reviews the draft work plan of the Committee for the spring session 2023. (Kosovo Assembly, 13:00)

The Committee for Environment, Food, Agriculture, Planning and Development examines the Draft Law on Forestry. (Assembly of Kosovo, 13:00)

The Jahjaga Foundation in cooperation with the Swiss Office for Cooperation in Kosovo organize the graduation ceremony of the program “Development of knowledge on local government”. (Kino Armata, 14:00)

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