The economic situation is the biggest problem of young people in Peja

The economic situation is the biggest problem of young people in Peja

The economic situation in Peja is considered to be the biggest problem of young people. In addition to majority communities, members of minority communities are also having employment problems. Whereas, the relations between the youth of the communities are said to be good.

The Bosniak and Serb communities say unemployment is the biggest reason young people are leaving.

Sahmedin Hadroviq from the Bosniak community told KosovaPress that young people are not having a good perspective, for which they are forced to leave Kosovo.

“We do not have a good perspective; the problem is that a lot of young people from Peja are leaving. The problem is that young people graduate from schools, colleges and masters’ programs, but do not find a job”, said Hadroviq from the Bosniak community.

Dmajan Portiq from the Serb community of this municipality also said that the young people left precisely because of unemployment.

“They live in difficult conditions; a number of young people here have left because of unemployment. I was lucky enough to get a job at Radio Goaždevac after high school, otherwise if it would not have happened, and I would have left, as they say, with a stomach full… We have almost no contact with the young people of the Albanian community, whereas with the youth of the Bosniak community we have little more contact, but even this is little. Sometimes we listen to each other and go for a drink in Peja, sometimes we meet, but not something more”, said Portiq from Gorazhdec.

However, the majority of the Albanian community says the situation is slightly better. According to them, the municipality works hard for infrastructure investments and enables young people to live better.

Endrit Idrizaj spoke about the good relations with the youth of the communities.

“Young people in Peja and Deçan live in harmony with each other, who are innovative for their lives and careers. In Deçan, mainly live Albanians, while in Peja there are other minorities such as Bosniaks, Roma and Egyptians… in the municipality of Deçan there is a problem because young people have little support from public institutions, I am talking about Deçan that there is not even a youth center to help young people who are innovative to realize their ideas, for their future and their career”, he said.

Albulen Zumeri also says that young people in Peja, regardless of ethnicity, have good relations with each other.

“I have contacts with Bosniaks and other minorities who are from the village where I come from, we have a great time together, when we have holidays we celebrate together, we go out for a coffee and do different activities together… Peja has very good youth, they are very cultured, they live a very good and modest life. They may not have a lot of money, but they live a satisfying life without complaints, they are very peaceful and everything is fine”, he said.

In this part of Kosovo there is no lack of friendship between communities.

Whereas, the municipality of Peja plans to allocate more money for young people from next year, so says the director of finance of this municipality, Jeton Abazaj.

“Well, every year we allocate 100 thousand euros for young people, that includes sports and culture, with this we try to be their support. I think that next year there will be a bigger fund for subsidies and we will allocate more funds for the youth from the Municipality of Peja”, said Abazaj.

However, from the municipality say that the biggest problem of young people here is the economic problem.

“I think that young people here have more economic problems than among people living here, there are always economic problems, I think these are some obstacles that need to be worked on”, says Jeton Abazaj from the Municipality of Peja.

The Municipality of Peja invests in minority communities. The director of finance says that the municipality will continue with this practice in the future as well.

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