The company ‘Gener2’ participates in Tirana International Fair, it presents three projects

The company ‘Gener2’ participates in Tirana International Fair, it presents three projects

The project near the lake park, the vertical forest, and a house for everyone, are being presented to visitors of many countries at the Tirana International Fair. The 25-year-old company “Gener2”, for the fourth day in a row, is informing various businesses and visitors from the six Balkan countries about their projects in some areas of Tirana. Near their stand, in the Palace of Congresses there is great interest from other companies from Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Italy.

The director of marketing at “Gener2”, Albi Greva, says that this company deals with construction, infrastructure, works of art, energy and the realization of hydropower plants.

“It is interesting for the fact that there was a lack of communication with the audience and the people. Only communication online or through the website or social networks remained. Whereas, this is a chance that brings interested people closer, close to what they have an interest in. The second, which is very important is the establishment of business connections outside the borders of Albania and the creation of partnerships in the region”, he said for KosovaPress.

For four days in a row, Greva has presented to visitors, and businesses present there, three elite projects in Tirana.

“There are three elite projects, premium projects, in Tirana, where standards and conditions are presented for the first time at this level in Albania. This starts not only from the construction materials, but also the equipment and services provided. There are three different categories of audiences that may be interested in. But many businesses that are present here from all over the region have also shown interest. We had visitors from Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Italy”, he said.

He talks about the three projects that they are presenting at the largest international business fair.

“This project in Tirana is known to the citizens of Tirana, because they frequent it, it is the new neighborhood created near the lake park. What makes it special is that it is a new architecture for Tirana, which, in the years to come will be a very characteristic thing of the city. If you look, they are apartments, where a large part of their surface is built of transparent glass, and because of the panorama that is offered close to these apartments, is intended to allow the maximum possible of this panorama”, he says.

The other project of the construction company “Gener2” is the vertical forest, its architecture was realized by the well-known company Boeri, which has built the same typology of buildings in several cities around the world.

“The third project is a house for everyone, because it is a new neighborhood that will be built in the area of Tirana, which is being built near the Orbital Forest. These are the three projects that we are presenting, so far there has been a lot of interest, we have tried to respond to each of them for the information they need”, he said.

“Gener2” is one of the 10 largest companies in the country, and the largest in the field of construction, which deals with the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, as well as infrastructure and road construction.

KosovaPress News Agency and the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) are media sponsors of this fair. Both of them with their stands are participants in the International Business Fair.

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