The CDBK requests from the government to protect businesses and workers

The CDBK requests from the government to protect businesses and workers

The Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) has expressed the concern of businesses regarding the problems they are facing as a result of the continuous power outages, which they are facing recently. This has led the CDBK to ask the Government of Kosovo to protect businesses and workers.

In a press release, the CDBK has announced that it has addressed the concerns of businesses in a letter addressed to KEDS, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, the Energy Regulatory Office and the relevant ministers.

As a result of the current situation, the CDBK says that businesses, in addition to facing power outages, in most cases when there are no power outages, are facing other problems which are making impossible the operation of machinery.

In the letter addressed to the representatives of local institutions, the CDBK informed that the day before it visited businesses of various activities, such as manufacturing, trade and service, where all unanimously stated that the three-phase system is currently not working. The improper functioning of the three-phase system has made it impossible for businesses to get things done, as the machines they use require stable electricity.

The CDBK stressed that in order to avoid this, businesses are obliged to provide electricity in other forms, such as switching to a generator, especially in the last 48 hours, and demanded that there be no such power outages which are making impossible the operation of regular businesses.

The CDBK urged local institutions to urgently avoid three-phase system shutdowns, and to have minimal power outages with weekly announcements of possible power outages.

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