The CDBK offers professional cooperation to the Mayor of Gjilan

The CDBK offers professional cooperation to the Mayor of Gjilan

The representatives of the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) met with the Mayor of Gjilan, Alban Hyseni.

Hyseni was informed about the work of the CDBK, where it was discussed about the possibilities of cooperation, the creation of communication lines to delegate the problems faced by businesses of the Municipality of Gjilan, and businesses interested in investing in this region.

“During this meeting, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo congratulated the mayor on the post, expressing openness for professional cooperation on issues of mutual interest. The CDBK unveiled its priorities, some of the activities, the businesses it represents and the issues it is currently lobbying for. Among other things, the importance of greater communication and cooperation between the private and public sector, including central and local institutions, was emphasized, so that decisions are not made ad hoc but coordinated in advance”, reads the press release of the CDBK.

Mayor Hyseni, thanking the CDBK for the meeting and the issues raised, expressed openness for mutual cooperation. Hyseni unveiled some of the current projects of the Municipality of Gjilan in order to provide support and create better conditions for doing business in this Municipality. The mayor also stressed the importance of orientation of young people towards the needs of the market, for the purpose of vocational education and training, and the importance of linking businesses and young people with the labor market.

Mayor Hyseni stressed that as a municipality they are open to welcome potential investors who are interested in investing in this municipality, as they have enough space available for use.

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