The CDBK calls for urgent changes on the Law on Official Holidays

The CDBK calls for urgent changes on the Law on Official Holidays

The Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) requests from the Government of Kosovo to urgently propose an amendment to the Law on Official Holidays in the Republic of Kosovo.

In a press release, the CDBK considers that the current practices are that holiday days that fall on weekends be replaced by working days, namely Article 4 of the Law on Official Holidays, according to which “When the official holidays of mentioned in article 2 of this law fall on Saturday or Sunday, days off will be the next working days”, have damaged and are damaging the country in financial and international terms.

The CDBK requests that official holidays not be replaced by working days in cases when they fall during the weekend.

The CDBK also requires to celebrate but not be a day off, the days: April 9, Constitution Day, and May 9, Europe Day.

The CDBK also requires that community holidays to be holidays for these categories, but not for the whole country.

The CDBK hopes that these recommendations will be taken into account in order to contribute to the increase of working days and the increase of investments coming from Europe which are so much needed for the country with the highest unemployment on the continent and with it. lowest per capita income in Europe.

Lexo edhe

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