Tahiri – Kurti Government: The samples of Astri Dehari have disappeared, you are silent

The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Abelard Tahiri, has once again reiterated the position of this party that they will not participate in any vote. He has thrown accusations and criticisms about the three-year governance of the Kurti Government, where, among other things, he declared that PDK's commitment remains that the country goes to extraordinary elections.

During the plenary session, deputy Abelard Tahiri said that the disappearance of Astri Dehariti's samples is also a product of this government, for which he said that the Vetëvendosje Movement is silent.

"The disappearance of Astri Dehari's samples is also a product of your government. This is intolerable how you remain silent and support the perpetrators of this crime. Therefore, we as the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party of Kosovo will not support you under any circumstances, in any vote, in any international agreement, in any draft law. Our commitment will be to bring this legislature to an end as soon as possible. This legislature should go home as soon as possible, the mandate should be returned to the citizens and the country should go to extraordinary elections". Tahiri declared.

The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Abelard Tahiri, said that for three years of governance, misuse and corruption have been the product of power.

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Among the criticisms and accusations, Tahiri also mentioned the LVV official, Faruk Mujku, whom he said is under arrest for corruption. He also mentioned the investigations for the state reserves.

Among other things, in his statement, Tahiri accused the government of collaborating with Milan Radojicic.

PDK MP Abelard Tahiri also mentioned Ambassador Martin Berishaj, where he said that he continues to have diplomatic immunity with the support of Prime Minister Albin Kurti and President Vjosa Osmani. He added that for "three years of anemic government", there have been no moments of success and progress from the current government.

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