Szunyog visits the ‘knot’ installation: The rights of children with disabilities should be respected

The European Union and UNICEF have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the barriers faced by children with disabilities. In the "Skënderbeu" square in Pristina, there is an instillation in the form of a tangle through which the challenges faced by this category of children are shown.

Today (Tuesday), the head of the European Union Office in Pristina, Tomas Szunyog, visited this installation together with representatives of the EU member states and the head of the UNICEF Office in Kosovo, Nona Zicherman. Szunyog emphasized the importance of ensuring equal rights for children with disabilities.

This campaign also aims to raise awareness of laws and policies on the status and rights of persons with disabilities, which Ambassador Szunyog also emphasized.

"I think it's really important to ensure equal rights for these children, to identify them early, to allow them to use the same educational systems as other children, but also to provide them with public spaces and public opportunities. I think this is very important. We also need to look at the legislative framework and understand that there is a need for a new law, especially regarding children with disabilities", declared Szunyog.

Ambassador Szunyog announced that the thread will also travel in other municipalities of Kosovo, while he hopes that the campaign will achieve its goal due to its importance.

"This is a joint campaign of the EU and UNICEF, we are starting it here in Pristina, but it is planned to go around Kosovo, visit different municipalities and raise awareness about the rights and needs of children with disabilities . There is a symbolic link because we believe that the motto of the knot for children with disabilities can attract the attention of the public. It is really an important issue. We strongly believe in this. So let's hope this campaign will help the children," said Szunyog.

The campaign also advocates for the rights of children with disabilities with a particular focus on increasing access to public spaces, expanding the availability of quality inclusive services and combating stigma and discrimination against children with disabilities and their families.

The Head of the UNICEF Office in Kosovo, Nona Zicherman, wishes everyone to join this campaign, in this way more can be done for children with disabilities.

"There are many factors that affect whether they can be happy, included and whether their rights are fulfilled. But it doesn't matter what their disability is, or how serious their disability is. What matters is what we do to make the world around them inclusive, so the thread means that each of us has something we can do, we can pull part of the thread and help children with disabilities and their families. them to realize their rights. And we hope that everyone will join the campaign that will visit the mess and write their wishes to the decision-makers and authorities in Kosovo, about what we can do to improve the lives of children with disabilities and their families , and we invite everyone to join UNICEF and the European Union in this campaign", said Zicherman.

Also, it was said that UNICEF, with the financial support of the European Union in Kosovo, is committed to ensuring equal access to comprehensive education and comprehensive services for children with disabilities.

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