"Continuous attacks in the north, threatening policy e Vuçiqit"

Throwing a hand grenade in the "Bosnian Quarter" in the north of Mitrovica yesterday is being considered as an act of revenge with criminal motives. From the Octopus institute, they estimate that this attack came as a result of the arrest of Serbs for war crimes on September 20, but that according to them this is also a strategy that Vuçiq uses it against Kosovo.

In addition to this attack, three other explosions with hand grenades were reported yesterday in the village of Ranilluk, which caused material damage.

The senior researcher from the Octopus Institute, Arta Haxixhemajli, told KosovaPress that behind every such act aimed at destabilizing the situation in the north, there are declared terrorist organizations.

Further, Haxhixhemjali emphasized that such attacks are always serious, while adding that their purpose is tension and inciting conflicts.

Meanwhile, senior researcher Arta Haxixhemajli said that internationals should review the measures and engage in identifying the gangs that are causing such attacks and threats.

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Regarding yesterday's case of throwing a grenade in the north of Mitrovica, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xelal, also reacted Sveçla who claimed that this attack was a sign of revolt for the arrest of three Serbs, under suspicion of war crimes. He added that the crimes committed during the war in Kosovo will be pursued to the end, while the throwing of military hand grenades by criminal groups cannot deter justice.

Last night, the ambassador of the United States of America in Kosovo, Jeff Hovenier, reacted to these attacks, who expressed his shock about, as he points out, "explosive devices in many parts of Kosovo". /Mr. Zeneli/

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