"Elegant" plastic window profile system: Fully extended platform

"Elegant" plastic window profile system: Fully extended platform

The "Elegant" window profile system combines minimalist design with excellent thermal insulation, for which it has won several awards. Based on the flexible modular construction system iCOR, the "Elegant" system is presented as a fully extended platform with innovations such as ThermoFibra glass fiber technology, "Forthex" thermal tempering and the latest development, the new "Elegant Grando" wing design ". With "Phoenix", Deceuninck also now presents the first series of profiles based on the "Elegant" platform, which is produced 100% from recycled plastic.

With the introduction of the iCOR modular construction system, Deceuninck laid the basis for the development of the "Elegant" profile system, which today has been fully expanded: Five different wing designs and three frame depths in sizes 76, 84 and 115 can be combined with one - the other. In this way, variable solutions are available for all building requirements, for new constructions and renovations, from design-oriented to classical.

In the flat “Abstract” version with its slim design and an optional cube system of glass strips, “Elegant” looks like an aluminum window and with an extension of only 9 mm it is the thinnest plastic PVC profile on the market. For this particularly successful design, "Elegant" has been awarded the Design Award 2019 in Germany and the Red Dot Award 2019 in the "Product Design" category. In addition, the modular core of the "Elegant" system, iCOR from Deceuninck, won the German Innovation Award 2020 and the Design Award 2021 in Germany.

Enhanced with the new ThermoFibra technology, Deceuninck offers the "ThermoFibra Infinity" variation of the "Elegant" profile, which does not require steel reinforcement - and this without compromising the design. For a great stability of the wings of the windows and the doors of the house, the threads of embedded and endless glass fibers are taken care of. The combination with "Forthex" thermal tempering in the frame enables the highest thermal insulation values ​​- up to Uf 0,85 W / m2K to the window. In addition, with "ThermoFibra" the constructors were able to achieve an even thinner extension of only 7 mm, a reduction in the width of the appearance of the profiles from 112 mm to 109 mm and at the same time increased protection against theft.

In this way, the maximum dimensions can be achieved with significantly less weight and the design possibilities of natural light architecture are increased: With "ThermoFibra" in the arms, modern, large window elements for light-permeable spaces and house doors are produced.

This means that, the use of EcoPowerCore recycling materials in the core element of the profile makes it particularly durable and finally, the profiles are fully recyclable in Deceuninck's own recycling plant. Here old materials are recovered, thus making it possible to extend their life cycle. Selected profiles of the "Elegant" system under the name "Phoenix" are produced 100% from recycled plastic, an energy saving of 90% compared to production from new plastic raw material. At the same time, "Phoenix" plastic profiles are expected as well as all other Deceuninck profiles in terms of dimensional stability, resistance values ​​and thermal insulation.

The latest addition to the "Elegant" profile system is a new wing design: "Elegant Grando" is presented in the traditional look of a PVC window. With its pronounced extension, it integrates harmoniously with all imaginable architectural styles and thus positions itself as a versatile profile within the wide range of "Elegant" designs. The Grando arm is combined with both 84 mm and 76 mm frames and is therefore particularly suitable for renovation projects in traditional buildings thanks to the lower installation depth.

A color program of 50 sheets in on-trend tones, such as matte graphite black or aluminum-look sheets and warm wood color tones complete the futuristic window. Elegant Abstract, Infinity and Grando are optional and also available with aluminum colored exterior trim.

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The "Elegant" system offers five different wing designs for all architectural requirements. From left: Infinity, ThermoFibra Infinity, Abstract, Origin, Grando

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The new "ThermoFibra" glass fiber technology enables steel-free windows of maximum size with significantly less weight and excellent thermal insulation values ​​with a U-valuef up to 0,88 W/m2K. In addition, the use of EcoPowerCore recycled materials in the core element of the profile makes it particularly durable.

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The profiles are fully recyclable at Deceuninck's own recycling plant. Here, old materials are recovered, thus making it possible to extend their life cycle. Selected profiles of the "Elegant" system are produced under the name "Phoenix" from up to 100% recycled plastic.

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Large glass surfaces and narrow profile widths allow as much light as possible to penetrate.

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As a result of its slim design, among other things, "Elegant" is very suitable for industrial buildings with large window areas.

Photo source: Deceuninck Germany