SIGAL UNIQA: Let's live better together in concrete actions (Video)

"We live better together" should not remain just a promise, but be filled with action. It is the motto we work on every day, trying to be as close as possible to our customers but also to the community where we operate", Avni Ponari, CEO of the SIGAL UNIQA Group.

A better life for all succeeds through the power of community – and your input matters. This is the message of SIGAL UNIQA's new advertising campaign, which translates our claim "to live better together" into concrete actions. Those who actively tackle the challenges of our time – climate, health, social change – are already contributing to making a better life possible for all. Because positive energy overcomes insecurities and fears, motivates and inspires.

A better life for our customers

SIGAL UNIQA was the first and remains the only Insurance Company that offers customers and the community in general unique and innovative services and products.

Such is the "TeleHealth" application, "Jetë Plus" insurance, "Anti-Tumor Insurance" or the Road Assistance service, "SIGAL UNIQA AutoSOS".

"For the SIGAL UNIQA company, the harmonious relationship between daily activity and care for the environment is very important. For this reason, for several years the company also offers the possibility of online purchase of any insurance in order to influence as much as possible in reducing the use of paper and that the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible", says the founder of SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria .

A better life for the community

"So that the motto "we live better together" doesn't just remain on paper, SIGAL UNIQA is the only company not only in Albania but also in the region that offers free visits and examinations through the "SIGAL UNIQA Vital Truck" Mobile Clinic. This year we were in Orikum and Elbasan where hundreds of citizens were served by the staff of the FALAS clinic, whether they were clients of our company or not. Whereas since 2015, when we conceived and built it, "SIGAL UNIQA Vital Truck" has traveled about 5,000 km, stopping in over 200 different areas of Albania", says Mr. Ponari.

Another valuable service that SIGAL UNIQA is providing to Albanians, inside and outside the country, is "SIGAL UNIQA Audiobooks", the first digital platform of books in Albanian.

"This platform, totally free, aims to promote education, culture and the Albanian language. While it also helps the blind and Albanians outside Albania who want to read and teach their children the Albanian language", says the CEO of the "SIGAL UNIQA" Group.

To turn slogans into concrete work. This is SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria, which during 2023, in order to preserve the environment, equipped its staff with several electric cars.

"Attention to the needs of the communities in which we operate and the promotion of joint initiatives has always been a fundamental value of SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria.

Environmental protection is a primary need for the company I run. Through this policy, with an ecological axis, SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria aims to contribute to improving the quality of health by reducing the negative impact of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Moreover, this is also in line with the policies being followed by the parent company, "UNIQA Insurance Group", one of the first 9 members of the Green Finance Alliance (AFGj), an initiative of the Austrian Ministry for Climate, Environment, Energy , Mobility, Innovation and Technology for companies from the Austrian financial sector", says Mr. Avni Ponari.

During this year, the staff of SIGAL UNIQA undertook the initiative of cleaning beaches throughout the country, wanting to convey the message that each of us should take care of what nature has given us.

"We are always close to the community. Therefore "SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria" is a name that you can see through its contributions in sports, art, culture and in support of successful individuals or groups.

You can see the company's name in stadiums, sports halls, concerts and festivals with the "SIGAL UNIQA String Orchestra" or charity activities, since for years "SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria" has been a big financial supporter of them", says Mr. Ponari.

SIGAL UNIQA Group Austria, we live better together

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