US, free Covid tests to prevent winter surge

US, free Covid tests to prevent winter surge

The Biden administration will once again offer free Covid tests to all American families starting next week.

Every household will be eligible to request four rapid mail-in tests starting Sept. 25 through the website.

The program, which will cost $600 million, aims to combat the winter spike in Covid cases amid the spread of Eris and BA.2.86 variants.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said, "We will once again begin our program to offer Americans an opportunity to request tests."

To date, the Biden administration has sent more than 755 million free tests for Covid across the US, the dailymail reports.

The program began in early 2022 when vendors ran out of tests and was suspended in May after the administration declared the public health emergency over.

The tests are intended to be used for the rest of the year and will include instructions for checking expiration dates.

The latest data shows there were 20,538 Covid admissions to US hospitals as of September 9.

There are also signs that deaths from Covid are beginning to decline.

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