Serbs: The war in Ukraine is fabricated and imposed by NATO

Serbs: The war in Ukraine is fabricated and imposed by NATO

Most Serb citizens in northern Mitrovica are pro-Russian and support the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine, although they do not say so directly.

They say for KosovaPress News Agency, that the war is not good, no matter where it happens, but they are reluctant to admit Russia and Putin as guilty for what is happening in Ukraine.

Some argue that they are uninformed about the issue and do not understand much about politics, while others go so far as to blame America and NATO for the war there.

Branimir Krstic, a journalist and political analyst, has said that most Kosovo Serbs are pro-Russian and support what is happening in Ukraine.

According to him, this is due to their glorifying stance that Russians and Serbs are brothers.

“The vast majority of Serbs in Kosovo are pro-Russian and support what is happening in Ukraine. They support the policy of Vladimir Putin, citing the warning of the Russian federation when it comes to the NATO presence, near the borders of Russia. The warning of such a paradox is almost meaningless, simply because the Serbs consider that Kosovo has been taken from Serbia because to NATO, on the other hand the takeover of Ukraine by Russia, they see it completely differently. Whether there are individuals or any exceptions as to the stance of the Serbs towards the Russian federation, I think not, simply because of their glorifying stance that the Russians are their brothers. In this context, the brother, even when he is wrong, has te full support,” said Krstic.

He said he was confident that no one was happy about what was happening in Ukraine, adding that it was the last moment for Serbia to decide whether it wanted to go back to prehistoric times or join the civilized world.

“Definitely no one is happy about what is happening in Ukraine, and there is no human being who is happy for the victims. Is there an excuse when you go to murder and slaughter, certainly not. I think that at this moment it is more than appropriate for the community to understand that the stance towards what is happening in Ukraine can be crucial for the survival of Serbs in the Balkans. Given that Russia is already busy with the part of Asia and a part of Eastern Europe, for Serbia now is the time to make the right decision and whether to return to live in prehistoric times, or join civilization and the world of civilized “, says Krstic.

Mijat Molotovic, a professor from northern Mitrovica, says the war in Ukraine was fabricated and imposed by NATO.

According to him, Russia is just defending its borders, while NATO is trying to prove triumphant.

Asked if Putin and Russia were to blame for the war, he said he was orthodox and could not speak against himself, i.e., against Russia.

“My opinion and that of my friends is that we understand the situation in Ukraine because we have also experienced such a situation. Maybe we were in an even worse situation, because the world is supporting them, while the world bombed us, so we were crippled… This is a fabricated war, imposed by NATO. Wars are always fought to improve armament, combat technique, etc. In fact, NATO here seeks to prove itself victorious, while Russia seeks its borders and defends itself… Look, I am orthodox and I can not speak against myself, that is, against Russia, because it is defending her borders”, stressed Molotovic.

Svetlana Jankovic, a pensioner from northern Mitrovica, claims that the war is not good wherever it takes place, but does not elaborate details.

“War is not good anywhere, not only in Ukraine, nowhere, to kill people is a sin… I am an old woman and do not understand politics,” she said.

Ranko Petrovic, says that no war is good and neither America nor Russia has the right to create wars.

“No war is good for the citizens, wherever it happens. Who is inciting it, those who are leading these wars know… because we, the citizens of Kosovo, have experienced it ourselves. No one has the right in the war, neither Russia nor America.”

Milanka Djuric, also from the north of Mitrovica, says that she is not informed enough, so she does not know what to say.

“I am not informed enough, so I do not know what to say and judge. Everyone has their own opinion; I really do not know. I do not know if Putin is guilty, maybe he did the right thing, I do not know that either,” said Djuric.

Russia launched a large-scale offensive against Ukraine on February 24 early in the morning, bombing cities and military bases from the air and ground, as Ukrainian residents flocked to trains to flee. Serbia, meanwhile, has not condemned the Russian genocide in Ukraine, nor has imposed any sanctions.

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