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Dear All,

KosovaPress has the luck and honor that belongs to a market with a lot of volume and opportunities for growth and development. The years we are leaving behind are years of prosperity, development and innovation for us and other media. In particular, we consider the year 2019 to be a good and successful year, especially referring to the growing cooperation and trusted partnership. All this thanks to the tireless work of our staff and partners. Without neglecting our colleagues and customers who trusted us.

With clients we are delivering powerful visual and written content that cleanly and accurately informs, educates, engages and inspires free speech and expression, continuing to be one of the largest Agencies in the region, and member region and member of the Agencies of countries of the Balkans and Southeast Europe (ABNA-SE).

During 2016, we took a step forward, we were the first in the country to add a new product - the 'Live' platform, live streaming of activities from the venue with distribution on all social networks. This is how we will continue from now on, adapting to the demands and needs of the market to maintain the primacy we have.

With partner clients, local, regional and international media, foreign embassies in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, institutions, NGOs, private companies, etc., we have achieved reliability with the quality of video, audio and live broadcasts, where every day we cover dozens of daily activities, we carry out topics and reports on issues that have an impact on society and this 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Since September 2018, KosovaPress has also created the Production department, which deals especially with the production of television shows, commercials and similar videos.

For these 21 years we have been walking with you and regardless of the vicissitudes, we have managed to overcome all the barriers we encountered during our development.

We expect the coming years to be even more successful, together with you and with the newest media trends in the world. And all this is achieved with your unquestionable faith! Unity is strength.

With respect,
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