Reciprocity on IDs, the Serbs’ reaction

Reciprocity on IDs, the Serbs’ reaction

Serbs who are entering Kosovo through the border point in Merdare continue to be provided with declaration forms for entering and exiting the territory of Kosovo.

Serbian citizens, entering Kosovo, told KosovaPress that the decisions on declaration sheets both in Serbia and in Kosovo are mistreatment of both peoples and stupidity.

Citizen 1

“All citizens, Albanians and Serbs, suffer, this is not right, it’s stupid, to tell the truth, mistreatment of the people, I don’t see the purpose of this, it’s just anger”, said the Serbian citizen entering Kosovo.

Another citizen said that having a declaration form to enter Kosovo is not a big problem for him.

Citizen 2

“There is no problem, it is not a problem for me, what else can I say, this will be resolved within two days. I’m not the one to decide on this, I’m just a person who travels here, works and lives here, so I don’t know what to say, I don’t deal with politics, I was born down here, I live down there, now someone else will decide. I really have no problem with that,” he said.

On Monday morning, Kosovo started reciprocity for identity cards with Serbia. The Government of Kosovo has promised that this decision will be postponed until September 1, but first the barricades in the north of Kosovo must be removed.​

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