Radovanovic: Politics should not have an impact on economic relations

Radovanovic: Politics should not have an impact on economic relations

The representatives of the Chambers of Commerce in Serbia say that politics should not have an impact on economic relations between the countries of the Western Balkans. They even say that they expect these countries to join the “Open Balkan” initiative, in order to accelerate the integration in the European Union.

On the first floor of the Palace of Congresses in Tirana, for four days in a row, Serbian businesses were presented in the stands with the inscription “Open Balkan”.

In the International Business Fair in Tirana, Serbia is participating with over 20 companies in various fields.

The head of the Diaspora and Representative Offices Centre at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Aleksandar Radovanovic, told KosovaPress that cooperation with Albania is important for the Serbian economy.

“We participate here with over 22 companies, otherwise, we have good trade relations with Albania, and we have wonderful cooperation with Albanian partners, and more and more it is in the interest of both parties to cooperate. We are here in Tirana for the 16th time. We are informed that Albania will participate in the agricultural fair in Novi Sad, and they will bring their business delegation, so, when we look at the figures, Albania’s exports to Serbia increased by 48% and Serbia’s exports to Albania by 28%”, he said.

At the Tirana International Fair, which started on Wednesday at the Palace of Congresses, the member of the Chambers of Commerce in Serbia says that they are being represented by companies in the food industry, electro-metals and wooden furniture.

The 27th edition of the Tirana International Fair is followed by the slogan “One Balkan, stronger Balkans”.

“I mentioned earlier that we are all directed towards each other, in order for politics to have as little impact on economic relations, for the economy to cooperate without borders, that we should remove the borders for businesses, to enable growth and development for all, as is our slogan this year… An open Balkans will not only bring to businesses in Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Albania faster and more efficient business, but hopefully it will enable other economies in the region to do the same, because we hope that they will also join this initiative which accelerates the integration in the European Union”, he said for KosovaPress.

For the first time, six countries from the Western Balkans are participating in this fair. This is the 27th edition and is organized by Klik Ekspo Group. Over 200 different companies participated in the largest international business fair which opened on Wednesday.

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