PSD with action in front of the Ministry of Health: Hospitals are in a deplorable condition

The Social Democratic Party held an action in front of the Ministry of Health, throwing toilet paper and placing pictures in this facility. PSD have stated that the situation in hospitals is deplorable and according to them this reflects the failure of the government.

Donjeta Demolli from PSD said that they are asking the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, to leave the office and see the condition of the hospitals.

According to Demolli, minister Vitia, instead of dealing with the health problems of public hospitals, is contributing to private hospitals.

"The minister in the meantime is not working to improve the situation in public health, he is working through administrative instructions to favor private hospitals, private health where he worked until recently, and where it is actually seen that he is contributing even today" added Demolli .

Demolli called the state of Kosovo's hospitals a failure of the government.

"The failure of the government is this picture that we are seeing today, we do not need a pedantic minister for himself, with a mind for himself, but we need hygienic hospitals, for hygiene in the places where we have patients, where we have citizens who need cleanliness and more and better conditions," she said./A. Drenica

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