License suspension, Karate Federation warns of lawsuit against MKRS

The Extraordinary Assembly of the Karate Federation, held on July 4, where Besart Baruti was elected president of this federation, has been declared null and void by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

In the decision of MKRS it is stated that that assembly was held in violation of the Law on Sports, the Statute of the Karate Federation as well as the Administrative Instruction for Licensing Criteria of Federations, while the decision also requires that the new assembly be held within 45 days .

The former chairman of the FKK, Avni Gashi, is also demanding the holding of the new electoral assembly. He told KosovaPress that the election of Besart Barut in his place was done in violation of the Karate Federation's statute, therefore to return the legality a new assembly must be held.

However, the Secretary of the Karate Federation, Nami Gashi, is convinced that neither the Sports Law nor the FKK statute has been violated. He says that the call of the July 4 assembly was made in full compliance with the FKK statute.

In fact, Gashi, speaking for KosovaPress, said that they will sue MKRS for arbitrary interference in the federation due to, as he says, the interests of some individuals.

"I think that there are some interests of some individuals inside MKRS and outside it who are interfering. There are some interests that we as a federation do not understand clearly because to interfere with the autonomy of a federation in this way, this is very arbitrary, it is very harmful for the non-governmental organizations that operate, in this case the sports federations... (09: 05...) MKRS is pushing us, putting pressure on us to call an anti-statutory assembly, since the current president and the administration of the FKK will not be allowed to call an electoral assembly that we consciously know that we are violating the statute... In this game, in this system, we will not be under pressure, we will sue all these bodies that have recommended to the minister for these types of actions, MKRS will be sued, to sue the officials who were not correct and produced a report which is harmful for the Kosovo Karate Federation", Gashi emphasized.

The president of the Kosovo Olympic Committee, Ismet Krasniqi, also reacted to the situation created in the FKK. He said that it is not the MKRS nor the KOK that determine the election of the bodies of a federation, but only its members, as the first sees the statute of the FKK.

Although the date has not yet been announced, the Secretary of the Karate Federation, Nazmi Gashi, has said that the new assembly will be convened soon.

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