PDK worried about EU measures, Tahiri: We have entered a dangerous level

The opposition considers the EU's measures towards Kosovo disturbing, after the recent developments in the country. According to the PDK, they seriously damage the relationship with the European Union and that Kosovo has entered a dangerous level of development.

The head of the Parliamentary Group, Abelard Tahiri, considered that the solution is the overthrow of the government. He also appreciated the proposal of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama for holding an international conference. However, the position did not agree on this, which said that the phase of their organization has passed.

Meanwhile, the head of the LVV Parliamentary Group, Kusari-Lila said that the goal to return to normality is shared by the international community. According to her, the steps in this journey are different from others, in the terms and time of how they are laid out.

The head of PDK's General Assembly, Abelard Tahiri, emphasized that the government tried to keep the measures of the European Union hidden.

"We have entered a very dangerous level of developments with the European Union. This is quite disturbing, such measures seriously damage our Euro-Atlantic future", stressed Tahiri.

However, the proposal of the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, for the organization of an international conference, Kusari-Lila has said that they do not see a solution.

Until the head of the PDK Parliamentary Group, Tahiri, who called Prime Minister Rama a good will.

At today's party meeting, he added that they will make a clear decision regarding the future of the country.  

Days ago, the European Union announced that the punitive measures against Kosovo entered into force on June 28. These measures include the suspension of the work of SAA bodies and the IPA funding program and non-invitation to high-level events. /Sh. Pajaziti

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