Osmani: We stand by the EU, let us in

Osmani: We stand by the EU, let us in

At the meeting of the leaders of the European Union and the Western Balkans, the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, demanded visa liberalization for Kosovar citizens, as the only isolated people on the European continent. Osmani stressed that the citizens of Kosovo are pro-European but feel discriminated against and the great injustice is being done to them. “We are here next to you and we are part of this family, let us inside”, said among other things the head of the state.

The President said that Kosovo’s institutions have strengthened the rule of law and democratic governance, but according to her, despite the extraordinary progress, the citizens remain isolated.

“Despite tremendous progress, the people of Kosovo want more opportunities and progress. They want a visa-free regime to see, feel and experience Europe. I want to speak again here about the tremendous importance of visa liberalization, in the hope that this time indeed, you will hear us. This has just gone too far. My citizens feel discriminated, despite being the most pro-European people and meeting all the criteria 4 years ago. They remain isolated in the heart of the continent where they live. The irony is that we are here as equal members of the international community, discussing the European agenda, but of course I sit among you here today as the only person – the only person – at this table who needs to get a visa to attend in this summit “, said Osmani.

Osmani said that Kosovo has done its part to achieve free movement, while now it is up to the European Union.

Lexo edhe

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