Osmani talks about the issue of headscarves in schools

Osmani talks about the issue of headscarves in schools

After Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that the wearing of any religious element should be allowed for all citizens over the age of 16, President Vjosa Osmani also gave her position on this matter.

After the meeting with the President of Albania Bajram Begaj, she said that the Constitution of Kosovo should be the primary orientation of the institutions for any issue related to fundamental human rights and freedoms.

“Regarding the proposal to lower the age to 16, if this issue is related to the right to vote, then the Constitution will need an amendment, because as you know, this threshold is defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, but any legislative and constitutional amendment will ultimately be the will of the MPs of the Republic of Kosovo and I have never, like until now, imposed my will on the MPs, but as you said, it is very important that this constitutional foundation of our Republic be respected” , Osmani said.

According to her, if someone thinks that any right is being violated, they can follow the legal paths up to the Constitutional Court.

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