News agencies from 12 countries gather in Prishtina, the pandemic and its impact – topic of discussion

News agencies from 12 countries gather in Prishtina, the pandemic and its impact – topic of discussion

“Media and news agencies in the post-Covid era”, is the topic of the 29th Assembly of the General Assembly of the Association of the Balkan News Agencies – Southeast Europe (ABNA-SE) and this year is marked in Kosovo under the organization of the KosovaPress News Agency.

The news agencies from 12 Balkan countries are staying in Kosovo, where they will discuss the pandemic and the impact it has had on the work of the media.

In the opening of this organization, Armela Krasniqi, president of ABNA, spoke about the importance of the media, especially during the period when the entire world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Krasniqi: From the first day of the pandemic, media freedom has faced great challenges

“From the first day of the pandemic, the freedom of the media has faced great challenges, on the one hand the growing demand for coverage of this very unusual situation, then the public trapped in their homes, and was eager for information”, she said.

She added that the task of the media is more important than ever before during such periods.

Krasniqi: It has been a difficult year

“It has been a difficult year, what we have seen is that the whole public has had a lot more interest, we have had more subscribers, more views on our articles, and this puts us in front of a question, we are the news agencies of trust, and we must perform our duty impartially with great competence and we must convey the truth”, said Krasniqi.

The owner of KosovaPress News Agency, Skënder Krasniqi said that even during the period with the pandemic, KosovaPress has maintained professional standards and ethics.

Krasniqi: We remained faithful to the truth

“We stayed true to the truth and only kept standards and professional ethics on the agenda. I believe that the challenges have been and are almost the same for all of us. The pandemic has caused great consequences in every segment of life and work, while in our field, it seems that it will orient us differently than before, also in the ways we will function in the future. For each of us who represent our media here, I wish we could overcome the challenges in the best way possible. KosovaPress News Agency is the newest member of ABNA-SE, because it also comes from the newest country in the Balkans, and we have been together since 2017 when KosovaPress was accepted as a full member”, said Krasniqi.

Krasniqi also announced that in addition to the discussions that will take place in the coming days within this organization, they will also visit some of the historical sites of Kosovo through which guests will get acquainted with the food and traditions in the country.

KosovaPress News Agency is part of ABNA-SE since 2017, whereas while its goal remains the membership in the European Alliance of News Agencies – EANA.

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